How to quickly build muscle at home

Muscular relief - this is what any man strives for, because women like it, it improves self-esteem, and just beautiful. But the desire or desire alone is not enough - to get a result it is necessary to make an effort. The amount of effort required, their intensity and duration depends on how everything is neglected in each case. But the main thing on the way to any goal is persistence, determination and patience. And they will be very useful to you if you have decided to move towards it independently. And also, in order to avoid the typical mistakes in such cases, it is necessary to study the question in great detail and select reliable information on the subject. Only such you will find in this article.

Often beginners focus on one area of training, either cardio or strength training. This is the wrong approach. Both types of exercise are necessary to build a sculpted body, you just need to find the right balance for your body. It depends on the amount of fat deposits on the body - no matter how much you would pump, say, abs, if it is hidden under a beer belly, the relief will not appear until the extra fat is gone. Cardio workouts will help get rid of it, so if you have excess fat, add as much of this type of activity as possible. If there is no fat, but the relief is not particularly noticeable, you can reduce cardio, but increase strength training. They will provoke muscle growth and the relief will be visible after 4-5 weeks of intensive training.

Another common mistake on the road to gaining muscle mass is not paying enough attention to nutrition. In fact, no matter what your main goal is - to lose or gain weight, get rid of fat or build muscle - a properly formulated diet is up to 80% of success. But even more important is an integrated approach, that is, when you pay enough attention to every aspect. Then the goal will be achieved in a much shorter period of time, and the effect will remain for a long time.
Here are three simple steps to achieve your goal of an athletic, muscular figure. You can give your muscles expressive shapes and clear lines not only with the help of a professional trainer in the gym, but also at home. And although this path is often too long, thorny and winding, you'll get invaluable experience that you can use in the future. Often this quest never leads to the desired result, but we share with you the ways that work without fail and are applicable at home.

Step one. Power exercises with your own weight

If you set a goal to achieve relief without going to the gym, it does not mean that you need to equip the gym at home. A full complex of strength exercises can be performed without equipment, with its minimal set or using improvised means, as well as working with your own weight. Exercises that are available for home training without equipment:

- push-ups
- pull-ups
- inclines
- lifts
- lunges
- squats
- plank
- twists
You can continue the list yourself, depending on your needs and flight of fancy.
Push-ups are an exercise that can be performed almost anywhere, and they involve almost all muscle groups. Do push-ups daily, with the number of repetitions and sets at the start depending on your level of training, but try to increase the load by at least one rep every day. In a few weeks you will find that it is not difficult for you to do many times as many reps or sets. Vary the load by changing the supporting points - put your hands wider or narrower, do push-ups on fingers or fists, on one hand in turns. Thus you will not only diversify the exercise, but also engage different muscle groups, which will allow you to get the result faster.

Pull-ups allow you to achieve impressive results in obtaining the relief of the back and biceps. A variety of grips, increasing the number of repetitions and approaches will lead you to success in the shortest possible time.

Cycling in the air is an exercise for abs. Lying on your back and keeping your hands behind your head perform movements with knees bent at right angles as if you were pedaling a bicycle. Reach out alternately with your left elbow to your right knee, twisting your oblique abs in addition. Proper technique is extremely important in this exercise, not the number of repetitions, and there are no breaks between them.

Squats help to give a rounded shape to the buttocks and strengthen the relief of the leg muscles from thigh to shin. If you use weights, the effect will increase. Do not get upset if you do not have a barbell or heavy enough dumbbells at home - you can use water bottles for this purpose. The main thing is to be careful and keep your back straight, so as not to hurt your lower back.

The plank is a universal exercise that involves the whole body from head to toe. Increase the time of holding the position, change the fulcrum - stand on your elbows or outstretched arms, on your knees, try to hold on to one arm or leg, lift alternately the opposite arm and leg. All this will work your abs, back, legs, arms, and stabilizer muscles, necessary for keeping balance, in the most effective way. In addition, static tension is a direct way to increase muscle mass.

Muscles increase not only due to strength training on isolated muscle groups, but also in moments of general physical activity. Therefore, try to be as mobile as possible throughout your free time.

Step Two. Cardio Training

If your muscular relief hides a layer of fat, cardio is what you need. Running in place or on a treadmill at home, jogging in the park, jumping rope or not, cycling in summer, skiing in winter. All this cardio exercise outside the gym, which will quickly get rid of excess fat deposits and as soon as possible to discover the beauty of the muscular relief of your body. Give cardio exercise at least thirty minutes to five times a week, and the effect will not make you wait long, because this type of physical activity increases the metabolism not only in the process, but also for quite a long period after the workout.

Jumping rope allows you to burn fat very quickly due to the intensity of the exercise. You do not need too much space or any complicated equipment to perform the exercise. The most effective exercise is double jumps with different speeds and easy steps backwards. The number of repetitions and sets is up to you, but try to outdo yourself more and more each time.

Running as a component of cardio exercise is very convenient to combine with a walk in the fresh air, if the weather allows and you have enough time. If you are already an experienced "runner", you probably know how fast you need to run, but if you are a beginner, don't try to build up speed right away. Start with a quick stride and gradually speed up. Running is also great for burning fat quickly.

The frequency and intensity of cardio exercise largely depends not only on the goal, but also on the individual characteristics of the body. Some people need to run for at least an hour every day to lose body fat, while others just need to walk once a week. Nevertheless, this type of exercise is the most effective for quickly getting rid of extra pounds.

Step Three. Proper nutrition

The importance of nutrition in the training process cannot be overstated. An athlete needs a balanced diet of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, and calories. The predominance of this or that component and the total caloric content depend on the goal: if it is getting rid of excess fat, then proteins should predominate in the menu with a reduced caloric content by 5-10% of the norm. The main thing is not to overdo it, otherwise you risk losing not only extra fat, but also muscle mass.

If you want to gain muscle mass, you need to increase calories by adding carbohydrates. The common myth that a protein diet allows you to build muscle is a misconception that you should focus on protein. First, too much protein cannot be absorbed by the body, and second, for an intense workout in this case you need carbohydrates to provide energy. If there are not enough of those and no fat reserves, the body will take that energy from the muscles, so that they only shrink in size and end up being depleted, not pumped up.

Before and immediately after a workout the body needs more proteins and carbohydrates, and try to add some vegetables and greens to each serving. Use healthy fats - vegetable oils, and eat fatty fish more often. Choose your products carefully, check the labels for the ingredients and make sure there are no additives.

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